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Public Statement

The Board of Directors of Izala Verificators (Pty) Ltd hereby issues this public statement regarding our commitment to impartiality and its significance in managing conflicts of interest. We acknowledge the paramount importance of objectivity while conducting our Verification Activities.


Impartiality is the essential presence of objectivity, reality, and perception. This means that we ensure conflicts of interest are either non-existent or promptly resolved to prevent any adverse influence on the operations of Izala Verificators (Pty) Ltd.


To convey the principle of impartiality effectively, we employ various synonyms, such as objectivity, independence, freedom from conflicts of interest, absence of bias, lack of prejudice, neutrality, fairness, open-mindedness, even-handedness, detachment, and balance.


Maintaining impartiality, both in practice and perception, is vital for Izala Verificators (Pty) Ltd to deliver a credible Verification Service that instils confidence among our clients, the public, and all other entities within the country.


We acknowledge that our primary source of revenue is derived from our clients, who pay for our services. We recognize this as a potential threat to impartiality. However, we assure you that our fee structure is based solely on the degree of responsibility and skill required, the time devoted to the work, and the reimbursement of necessary expenses. We make sure to agree on fees with our clients in advance and are unwavering in our commitment to prevent the payment of fees from becoming a threat to impartiality.


To uphold and reinforce the trust placed in us, Izala Verificators (Pty) Ltd will consistently demonstrate that our decisions are grounded in objective evidence, free from improper influence by external interests or parties.


Threats to impartiality encompass:


  1. Self-interest threats: emerging from actions taken in favour of one's own interests, such as financial self-interest.

  2. Self-review threats: arising when a person or entity evaluates their own work, particularly when they have provided consultancy services to the same client or when an internal staff member or director reviews their own work during an appeal or complaint procedure.

  3. Familiarity (or trust) threats: arising from excessive familiarity or trust towards a person or organization, leading to a lack of objective evaluation of evidence while making verification conclusions or decisions.

  4. Intimidation threats:  arising when there are perceived or actual experiences of overt or covert coercion, such as threats of replacement or reporting to a supervisor for not complying with the demands of the coercing party.


The aforementioned statement is issued by Izala Verificators (Pty) Ltd to promote transparency and ensure that all our clients are fully informed of our unwavering commitment to impartiality.

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