Verification request form completed

Process sent to the applicant

  Client signs the Verification

Agreement and make a 50%

payment of the verification fee

Step 1:  Client Request Verification
Request a quote for verification by contacting us via telephone, e-mail or website.  Alternatively, download the Verification Information form per this link and email :

Step 2: Acceptance
You will be sent a quote and Verification Agreement for your perusal.  Acceptance of the quote is confirmed by signing the agreement and making the upfront 50% payment.

Step 3: Preparation
You will then be sent a checklist for collation of the information requirements needed by us for evaluation of your B-BBEE status. An verification analyst will guide you on the requirements.   A pre-verification meeting or call will be arranged to discuss any outstanding information.Thereafter a pre-site meeting will be held to discuss onsite verification.

Step 4: Verification On-Site Assessment
Once all the information is available we conduct an on-site verification at your company site premises where Shareholders, Directors and Management are interviewed and records examined to validate the information received.  

Step 5: Payment off remaining fees within 3 days of onsite 

Step 6: Final Certification/Report
After the remaining 50% of the payment is made, the final Verification Certificate and Report is sent to you.

The pre-site meeting is arranged

On-site assessment to

validate information  

   B-BBEE report and certificate

sent to the client  

Follow-up annual verifications

with client

Please note this is a simplified process flow.