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Our team has extensive knowledge and understanding of the verification process. Izala has a host of non-verification services that can be offered to your organisation. Our services range across all sectors of the economy including all sector charters gazetted under the B-BBEE Act.

Other Services


B-BBEE Transaction


-Sector Code Verification

-Ownership Assessment

-Scorecard Conversions

-Interim Scoring

-Scenario Planning

-SED Beneficiary Analysis

-Enterprise and Supplier Developer


-B-BBEE Transaction Analysis

-Triple Bottom Line Reporting

Detailed workshops on all B-BBEE legislation or any of the elements forming part of the applicable B-BBEE legislation.

We assist in educating responsible parties on the calculation methodologies, interpretations and documents required, making for a smoother verification with an improved outcome.

We specialise in improved understanding and implementation of the Codes and various Charters – for your management/staff or your suppliers.

Understanding the value of the business is the first step required in a Black Economic Empowerment B-BBEE transaction, so a detailed valuation is often required in this regard.

Valuing all or part of a business requires input from a variety of specialist advisers, who need to understand the value drivers relevant to a particular industry sector alongside the broader strategic aims of the business.


In the event of a dispute, an independent valuation is likely to help resolve issues swiftly.

Valuation services will be provided by teams independent of the verification.

Valuations will be done by highly qualified individuals with both local and international valuations exposure.  In the event you require valuation services , Izala will not provide verification services.

Other Services

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