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What does Izala Verificators and the Colloseum have in common?

  • It's not because our impact through ethical verifications will echo into eternity



  • It's not because our analysts are gladiators of transformation



  • It not because our MD’s name starts with M

Can you guess why?

Complete the form below, like the Izala Verificators Page, and share it and stand a chance of winning R10,000 to be donated to a charity of your choice.


With Izala Verificators, a B-BBEE that leads by example

Your next agency.

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Application Form

If you are intending of tendering for work and require a B-BBEE Joint Venture Certificate or assistance with compliance to meet all mandatory requirements

Should you require a quote/non-obligatory meeting to better understand your B-BBEE verification requirements


Access to free B-BBEE compliance training


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